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Patient Resources
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            Medication Therapy Management

Wallet Cards

Medication Therapy Management Wallet Card

Blood Glucose Tracking Wallet Card

Blood Pressure Tracking Wallet Card

Insurance Information

Managed Care Organization Insurance Companies

Medication Therapy Management: Are You Eligible?

Health Education    

Aspirin & Anticoagulants

Aspirin for primary prevention

Aspirin and heart disease

Talking about anticoagulants

Providers talking about aspirin therapy-Men

            Providers talking about aspirin therapy-Women

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure tracker

Blood Pressure fact sheet

Blood Pressure questions to ask your doctor

High blood pressure and stroke information

Important phone numbers to call heart emergency

Talking about high blood pressure and stroke

Lower your blood pressure pledge

Heart medication information

Recommended screenings for heart healthy

African Americans and high blood pressure

What is high blood pressure?

            High blood pressure medicine


Cholesterol tracker

Cholesterol fact sheet

How can I lower my cholesterol?

How can I lower my blood pressure, cholesterol and weight?

Talk with the doctor about high cholesterol

What are high cholesterol and triglycerides?

What do my cholesterol levels mean?

What are cholesterol lowering medicines?



Blood glucose meter

Blood sugar goals

Calorie intake and output

Diabetic pills in action

Diabetes supplies

Driving with Diabetes

Hidden sugars

Leg exercises

Nutrition facts label

Portion sizes

Reading a syringe

Saving money on medicine

Walking works

Weekly exercise plan

What is my A1C?

When to call the doctor

Heart Disease

Atrial fibrillation fact sheet

Heart failure fact sheet

Heart attack fact sheet

Pulmonary hypertension fact sheet

Heart disease booklet

Heart disease-Men

Heart disease-Women

Screening for coronary heart disease

Screening for vascular disease

Weight chart

Weight zone chart
            Weight zones

Lower Sodium

Sodium fact sheet

            Why should I limit my sodium?

Opioid Medication






Stroke risk-African American

Stroke fact sheet

High blood pressure-stroke

Medication adherence booklet

Stroke information

Stroke quiz


Tobacco Use Cessation

           Asthma and Tobacco

           Be a quitter-Spanish

           Be a quitter-English

           Be a quitter-Fact sheet

           Be a quitter-tip sheet-Spanish

           Be a quitter-tip sheet

           COPD and tobacco use

           Diabetes and tobacco use

           Don’t quit alone-health literacy-Spanish

           Don’t quit alone-health literacy-English

           Health consequences of smoking

           How can I avoid weight gain when I quit smoking?

           How can I handle stress when I quit smoking?

           How can I quit smoking?
           Key points about smoking

           Electronic cigarettes

           Stop smoking assessment and tips

           Quit lines 101

           Quit now Kentucky smoking cessation services-Spanish

           Quit now Kentucky smoking cessation services

           Relapsed smoker ready to try again

           Smokeless tobacco

           Tips for becoming a non-smoker-Spanish

           Tips for becoming a non-smoker-English
           Tobacco- Kentuckians need to know the facts

           Tobacco- Cardiovascular disease

           Tobacco- Oral health- Spanish

           Tobacco- Oral health

           Tobacco cessation counseling

           Water pipe and hookah fact sheet

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